Tower 25 min. performance at the opening of Masculinities,
Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, November 2001.

From the beginning of the show I was lying inside one of the big cardboard boxes dressed up in my Kings costume. Suddenly I came out of the box and started to build a tower from all the boxes and tape. I was standing and climbing around on top of the tower as I was building, slowly lifting myself up towards the ceiling. When the tower was so tall that I no longer could reach the boxes I fetched my long homemade lance, which I from then on used to grab the cardboard boxes. When the tower was about 5 meters tall I finished it by building a wall around the edge with arrow slits on top. I was lying hidden and trapped alone in the top of my own-build tower. The only sign of me, was when I was lying rocking, and the whole tower was swaying. This performance was obviously a comment on the fairy tale about Rapunzel, as well a satire on the traditional associations between male potency, power, the act of construction and high positions.

Tower 12 min of 25 min performance
Performed at Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Denmark 2001