Cover, 2012
A 45 min performance performed on the 14th of September 2012 at the opening of the biennale Socle du Monde 2012, Involver at HEART, Herning Art Museum, Denmark.

Students from the design and business school TEKO designed and produced in collboration with Peter 6 sets of white clothing, which was worn by 6 different models at the performance. Peter was standing naked in the middle. The audience was then invited to cut pieces off the clothes. The pieces were afterwards sown together again by the TEKO students in different combinations and designs to make out a completely new outfit for Peter to wear.

When Yoko Ono in 1965 performed the work 'Cut Piece' gender and sex were central themes, in the bold exercise where the audience was invited to cut bits off her dress. Peter's performance has clear references to 'Cut Piece' - but also touches upon themes such as destruction and creation. The performance also refers to the area around Herning which was traditionally a place for textile manufacturing in Denmark. Also, some of TEKO's buildings used to be a former shirt fabric built by the art patron and visionary contractor Åge Damgaard. In 1961 Åge Damgaard invited Piero Manzoni to Herning, where he made the world famous sculpture Socle du Monde. This collaboration between art and business has become exemplary for the future and has now has given the name to the biennale.

After Peter Callesen's performance the remaining clothes was presented on hanging mannequins together with the final outfit. The sewing machines also remained as a part of the installation. The last part of the installation is a 7 minute video on an lcd screen showing the performance.

8:36 min of 45 min performance
Performed at Heart, Herning Art Museum, Denmark 2012